Hi, I’m Bharti. 

I am a coach in the Agile community. I’ve been working with, helping, and leading organizations through their Agile Transformations. And I’m also I am a trained Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) . I have been coaching, teaching and mentoring Agile practices for over 5 years.

One thing I’ve learned over and over is that I am passionate about helping and connecting with people. So this includes, empowering a team I’m working with, podcasting with my friends, helping you grow and thrive, or affecting change within your organization and bringing back the humanness into the work place.

I feel so fortunate that I quickly found my passion for helping people. I love supporting my fellow team members, leaders, friends, and listeners in finding ways to unleash their potential and get what they really want out of their lives.

And coaching gives me just that. I have the opportunity to connect with others while helping them transform and create the lives they want for themselves.

My mission and dream is to empower YOU to create greatness in your world.

Think of me as your Journey Guide.